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How Much Does Pressure Washing Cost?

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Square footage

It is difficult to give an exact number since we have to take into consideration if we are cleaning brick, siding, wood, etc... plus how dirty it is, but the average price for pressure washing is around $0.15-$0.75. Our average price for pressure washing is around $0.25. So if your house is around 1000 sq ft the price will be around $250, but it differs. We do our quotes to the lowest price possible that we can, so both us and our customers are happy with the work.

Soft Washing

Quoting jobs, we also have to consider if we are going to Soft Wash the surface. Certain surfaces can't be pressure washed, so we have to use detergents that increase the price of the job. Een thought Soft Washing is more expensive than Pressure Washing it is necessary, so there are no damages done to the surface.


$60 Pressure Washing

There are always going to be cheap options for everything, and this includes pressure washing. Most of the time you get what you pay for. The $60 job won't only turn out bad, but it will, in most cases, damage surfaces since the proper experience and equipment are probably not being used. We will bring the best results at the lowest price possible

House Washing Pricing?

How Much Does House Washing Cost

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