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Best "Pressure Washing Near Me" company out there!

Is a fast and effective way we use to clean many types of surfaces. Our family business turns old neglected properties back to new.

Power Washing Near Me

Services We Offer

Gutter Cleaning When gutters get blocked with debris, leaves, dirt, etc... the water that originally landed on the ground with the downspouts can cause damage in and out of our homes since it is now staying in the gutters with no way out. We should clean gutters at least twice a year, so our homes stay water damage free for as long as possible. Be sure to ask for our gutter cleaning service since is usually the most affordable we have.

Driveway Cleaning Once a driveway gets old it can attract mold and mildew that not only looks bad, but it can be dangerous too because of how slippery they can be. The growth can damage any type of material from cement to brick paths. Cleaning this surface has to be done regularly to prevent damage, more growth,and accidents.

House Washing Is an excellent alternative to painting or replacing the current material that your home has. It is cheaper, faster, and brings you the same results, a well-maintained and clean house with half the hustle. It could quite literally be a great example of "working smarter not harder"!

Roof Cleaning On average 70% of Americans replace their roof before the recommended 25 to 30-year lifetime. You could get a new-looking roof by getting one of our cleaning jobs done instead of replacing it, and it is faster and more affordable. plus we know that many owners who have shingles roofs are concerned about the pressure damaging the integrity of the roofs we use Soft Washing to get it to look brand new whit no damage done to the shingles. You can read more about it here!

Pressure and Soft Cleaning

Even though pressure cleaning removes the grime and mold on the surface of the home's exterior and it is very satisfying to watch a dirty driveway getting brought back to life with a regular pressure washer, sometimes the pressure is not enough or it may be too much! Pressure can damage many surfaces like shingles, stucco, and siding just to name a few.


This is where Soft Washing comes in since it penetrates surfaces and removes mold from the root, which helps it stay clean longer and it does not damage any of the soft surfaces of your property. Soft washing is great the reason why we don't use it more often is that pressure washing is cheaper in the long term, but if it's not safe for certain surfaces we have to rely on professional soft washing.

Why hire a professional? 🤓

Services in most homes require us to get on top of the roof using a ladder and professional pressure. It can be very dangerous if the proper equipment is not used and/or they are cleaned by someone who is not a professional. Consider hiring your local companies near you to avoid accidents.


We have professional power washers that get rid of any dirt and grime that comes in our way. Plus we are used to doing commercial properties that require high pressure or even heated water, so we are sure going to beat any other challenge we face. Hire one of your local pressure washing companies now!

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Pricing 🤑

Why choose us?

We have experience power washing multiple properties from residential to industrial work pressure washing, so no matter if we are working on a small house or a 10,000-square-foot building we take pride in the attention to detail we put in our work.


We know the proper ways to clean each type of material in many homes and businesses from treating siding very softly to prevent damages to getting the right materials to get the mold and mildew out of a neglected shingle roof, and we know better than anyone that every property and owner is different, so we care about our customer satisfaction by bringing the best service possible😊.

Our story (kind of....) David’s Pressure Washing started two years ago. I liked playing video games a lot and used to spend a lot of time doing so. I would get home from school and start to play. Naturally, my sister wanted me to go outside and start to work instead of playing all the time. I started by doing some yard work around the house, then by working on fixing up an old house that my sister was renovating. A few years passed and I was working still in a restaurant as a server, I enjoyed it since it help me be more extroverted which is something I struggle with. Even though I enjoyed it, it started to get a bit repetitive so O started looking for something to do that could get me money even if I slept like those side hustles from the internet. I tried it, but it didn’t work out too well. I didn’t stop though. I kept looking for ways to build a good business, and this is when my sister, the one that pushed me from the beginning suggested that I grabbed the pressure washer and started doing that. This combined with many educational videos about pressure water and customer service was what really pushed into starting David’s Pressure Washing. I started cleaning a couple of houses that my sister was renovating. She would get mad at me for “not doing them well”, and even though she was right I didn’t like her telling me that. It helped me do a good job every time I went to do them, so I am grateful for how much she pushed me. I was doing the pressure washing while working as a server until I decided to quit being a server to pursue my business full time. Eventually, my mom, brother, and dad started to help me and they are still to this day a big part of David’s pressure Washing future. I was going to finish this story here but I need to write many words so that I can see if it helps this page rank up in the future so I can get more leads and more customers. So I will tell you guys about what I would like to see from David’s Pressure Washing in the future, and what I am currently doing to help it get there. I am focusing on getting more clients by doing a lot of marketing for our business. We are using google, facebook, and tik-tok… you name it. The thing is that we are spending a lot of money on paid advertising, so I would like to also focus a lot on trying to get customers organically with SEO and videos for now. I am spending more time improving the website and thinking of videos that I can make to grow an audience. Eventually, I can market to this audience and sell pressure washing equipment as well as a course that would help them with their paid advertising at first, then with growing their business as a whole. It is going to take time and perseverance, but I know that I can do it, that we can do it. I am going to make a couple of videos about p[ressure washing like how to do gutter cleaning, how to price the square foot when pressure washing, what kind of chemicals we use, how much we spend, and many more. Eventually, I would like for someone else to take care of cleaning the homes and I would like to focus most of my time on improving the business, especially with marketing. I still need a few more words to be at the average word count so let’s talk about how angi list and thumbtack are doing this. I wonder how much money they make and if I could do something like that too, I bet they spend a considerable amount of money in SEO because they are almost always at the top. That’s basically free leads that they are getting. I also wonder if moving too far away from the pressure washing topic hurts the SEO, I bet it does. I am going to try to be more relevant in the next page I make. Also how cool is it that I can write whatever I want because is my company huh? Anyway, I think this should be enough, thank you for reading and for visiting the website since it also helps with the SEO. Don’t forget to pressure wash really well! Bye. I have gotta add more content now like we use a garden hose to connect to the hose for our water supply to clean any vinyl siding properties that need mold and mildew out. We use many chemicals to get rid of mold effectively. We also like to use our extension wand to reach the tallest places that can’t be reached with the small ones, but don’t sleep on the small ones because they are great when you need to get close to the surface. For example, in our warehouse project, we have to use lifts to get close to the surface and pressure wash metal to get rid of rust, and the small pressure washer guns came in clutch there. Pressure washing also helps everyone to improve the home's curb appeal. If your home looks prettier so does the neighborhood and city which helps get more people in it and helps the economy. It definitely is a win-win situation if you look at it from that perspective. A lot of people in south Florida charge a lot. I believe is because they get paid more over there, but the cost of living is high also compared to cities like ocean springs or Pascagoula, Biloxi, Gulfport, moss point, and even mobile. We make sure the electrical outlets are safe by trying to avoid them as much as we can when we are pressure washing a house. Remember to pressure wash your home at least every year to avoid water damage. I know right we use water to prevent water damage that’s funny. Remember to wash a house and keep it clean. Have a nice day!


David's Pressure Washing Reviews




What a great experience. David and his team did an awesome job and they did it quickly. He’s got a client for as long as he has this business.


David cleaned my house in less than a day and stayed in touch with me the entire time from the estimate to the before/after pics! Highly recommend and super easy to work with!


These guys did a outstanding job on my house, driveway, chimney, and roof. I could not be more satisfied w their work and promptness. If you want a great job done at a reasonable price, call them!!

House Washing Price

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