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How to Presure Wash?

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Using a pressure washer anyone can clean the driveway and brick around your home. You do have to make sure to:

  • Clean the surfaces evenly so there aren't any streaks left behind

  • Not damage any surfaces because of the pressure

  • Have proper knowledge on how to use the equipment so it lasts years


Another way to House Wash is using a pump to spray chemicals so you can get rid of mold and any other organic growth that the pressure washer could not handle.

We do recommend hiring a professional when you start dealing with soft surfaces like siding and gutter, and that can be easily damaged like your roof. At David's Pressure Washing we have dealt with mold around the Gulf Coast multiple times, and we also have business insurance, so you don't have to worry about the peppers you have been trying to grow for months.

Driveway Cleaning

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