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Mold Could Be Damaging Your Home!

Even though mold does not look appealing around your house, it is not just a cosmetic problem. It can cause damage to your home and to your health.


​Mold belongs to the fungi family. It can be helpful by decomposing animals and plants, but it stops being helpful once it gets to our homes

Mold can not necessarily make you sick, but it can cause some of these symptoms:

  1.  Eye irritation

  2. Coughing

  3.  Wheezing

Since mold can also quite literally eat many of the materials your home is built with, it is a great idea to deal with it before it gets into your home

Anyone can use a strong solution with Sodium Hypochlorite which not only gets rid of the green and black stains but kills the mold from the root. Regular bleach contains Sodium Hypochlorite so it is very easy to obtain it. However, it is not so easy to deal with it.

At David's Pressure Washing we have dealt with mold around the Gulf Coast multiple times, and we also have business insurance, so you don't have to worry about the peppers you have been trying to grow for months.


Contact us for more specific pricing!

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